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EmEl - For ingrowing nails
The Foot Practice now offers an alternative to nail surgery when dealing with painful ingrown or involuted toenails. It’s the innovative Nail Brace System called EmEl; a technique that is painless, unobtrusive and what's more, it works!

First, lets look at a routine procedure for the relief of a painful big toenail. The common approach involves removing one corner of the nail with a special pair of nippers. The offending ‘spicule’ of nail is trimmed back to a point where it can no longer grow in to the skin. A gentle filing of the cut edge and the application of a small dressing follows. The procedure is complete after some helpful advice to avoid any recurrence. No anaesthetic is used and the patient can carry on their daily routine as normal.

The second approach is more radical. This is for occasions when the nail has repeatedly ingrown to the point where the patient can no longer endure the sometimes excruciating pain or where the patient has elected for a more permanent solution. The Foot Practice offers partial nail avulsion (pna) surgery whereby a section of nail is removed along with its germinal matrix so that re-growth is prevented. A robust dressing is applied to the toe and the patient is advised to rest for the following 24 hours. The procedure is painless as it is carried out under a local anaesthetic.

However, it is recommended that normal duties be undertaken with a degree of care so that re-traumatising the toe can be avoided
Now a third method of dealing with ingrown and involuted nails is available at 'The Foot Practice'. For patients wanting nail correction without pain or without loss of part of the nail, the EmEl Nail Brace is the answer.

The EmEl system involves reducing the nail thickness with a helical cutter followed by a chemical degrease of the nail. A small plastic strip is then glued to the top of the toenail. Nail varnish can then be applied to cover up the strip if required. The brace stays on the nail for approximately 12 weeks and if the desired result is not achieved in that time, further brace applications can be provided.

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